about me

I did not start out as a designer or artist. Having studied Economics and Management Sciences, in 1987 I started to work as an assistant professor of Management Sciences, obtained a phd-degree in Economics and after that became a management consultant and, later, staff member of an advisory council to the government.

However, during my 17 years of business career, I followed a large number of art classes, and in my daily work I opted for projects that asked for creative thinking.

In 2004, I started to educate myself as a textile designer, worked a few years as such, and later expanded my horizon to other types of surface design. This surface design mainly was two dimensional, and after a number of years started to feel ‘flat’. So, I started to experiment with the third dimension, first in relief, and soon in bolder shapes. Inviting the viewer to look at it from different angles, both in its physical shape, and in its meaning. In this way my work has transgressed from design to work in which the intrinsic value is its focal point. An ongoing process of learning and experimenting, nourished by curiosity and the wish to understand.

For me, creative activity has a lot to do with reflections: about what we see, how we can play with perspectives on what we see, and researching  how shapes, colours, and patterns influence how we feel about what we observe.

A second thread in my activities is pattern; designed patterns on textile, paper, et cetera, but also patterns that arise spontaneously in sand, on stone and other surfaces. I am interested in repetition as well as the effects of thwarting the repetition.

A third thread  is an interest in insignificant details in fringes of our surroundings. They are often perceived as unwelcome signs of decay. However, they also offer beautiful shapes, structures and colours. As such, they are an inspiring point of departure for creative activity.


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